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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reservation?

We call it a Registered Check-In Time. A check-in time guarantees you a spot in line. Please note, that there will be an expected wait once in line.  We do take walk-ins if we are not at capacity, but we can never guarantee we can fit you in. You can register for a check-in at any time and payment is due upon arrival. 

Where do I park?

Parking is limited at our establishment which is why we require a check-in time. Please arrive at your scheduled time and we ask guests to carpool when they can. Due to the design and limited parking, we do not allow campers or vehicles with trailers in the parking lot. 

Is there a height and age requirement?

Riding with Adult (16+ years)

  • Minium Age to ride the Coaster is 3 years old and must be 38" tall.

  • The person controlling the sled has to be 54 inches tall and not younger than 16 years.

  • The maximum height to ride is 84 inches (7 feet).

  • Two Adults may not ride together.  Exceptions for those with a medical need. Pease see our staff. 


Riding Solo

  • The height requirement to ride alone is 54 inches and 9 years old. 

  • The maximum height to ride is 84 inches (7 feet).

Is there a weight requirement?

Our maximum weight allowed on our sleds is 375 pounds. Due to the design and speed of our coaster Adults are not allowed to ride together. One adult and child 13 years or younger may ride together as long as combined weight does not exceed 375.

Do you stay open in the rain?

Yes! We sure can operate during rain and even snow. For safety, we do close during thunderstorms with lightning within 10 miles from our location. We will make a post on Instagram. Post will show at the bottom of the Home Page on our website.  

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a military and first responder (fire, police and EMT) discount with a valid ID​. We also offer a group discount for groups of 15 and more. Groups must pay together to receive discount.  

Can I ride if I am pregnant? 

Due to potential risk we do not allow women who are pregnant to ride. 

Are dogs allowed? 

Dogs are more than welcome onsite as long as they are leased and well behaved. They cannot ride the coaster. 

Can Bundles be split?

Our bundles are per person and cannot be split among your party. ​ The 3 rides are consecutive at your visit. If you chose to exit the sled before you complete all 3, you have 2 weeks to complete the remaining rides. 

How fast is the coaster?

Our coaster can reach speeds up to 27 mph. Riders must be in control of the sled at all times. Riders will have control over how fast or slow they can go.  


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